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Ever felt tongue-tied in a crucial conversation, knowing what's at stake but unable to find the right words? Practice these conversations in private to speak with confidence, clarity and empathy when it matters the most.

About the Good Talk App


A simple and easy to use app which enables you to quickly practice realistic conversations.


Practice conversations are ALWAYS private, ensuring you have the freedom to be yourself, test different approaches, and truly hone your skills.


Choose from scenarios about Career, Relationships, Politics, Family, and more. Or, create your own scenario in seconds and start practicing!


Uses state-of-the-art technologies to simulate realistic conversations, and provide insightful, personalized coaching.

How the App Works.

Find a conversation scenario

Browse community create scenarios about Career, Relationships, Appearance, Family, and more. Create your own specific scenario in seconds.

Practice the conversation

Practice the conversation with real-time feedback and suggestions on what to say next.

Get feedback, repeat

Get overall feedback on your conversation with insights on how to be more effective. Practice till you're ready for the real thing!

What Our Users Have To Say.

Author image Rachel Gollub Entrepreneur and mother

Good Talk is a safe, compassionate way to practice your conversations before you have them. Having a sense for the best case and worst case scenarios in a talk with my daughter was very useful, and the process of being able to convince the app version of her gave me ideas and confidence for when we had the actual talk. Totally recommend!

Author image Mona Pakianathan Content Creator

I have a tendency to run conversation scenarios in my head before I chat with people in person about something important. In real life it never goes quite how I imagined it though. It's hard to remember what I wanted to say because I don't note down my thoughts. This AI tool helps me simulate a conversation in writing, which is great preparation and practice for the real thing. I love it!

Coaches: Do you teach communication skills?

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  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • Get more client referrals?
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  • Augment your income via a broader offering?
  • Enhance your effectiveness in coaching?
If any of these are true, you are in the right place.
If you're interested in partnering with Good Talk to add a cutting-edge tool to your coaching services, contact us, and let's chat!

Our Founder & CEO

Omi image

Good Talk is led by Omi Chandiramani. Omi is a seasoned product and technology leader with a 28-year career in diverse verticals such as telephony, cybersecurity, SaaS, e-commerce, mobile apps, FinTech, and AI. He has experience working in large tech companies, tiny startups, and everything in between. Omi has managed and coached dozens of people over the last two decades to improve their effectiveness at their role, primarily through clearer and more effective communication. His extensive background and commitment to fostering empathy, compassion, and connection in communication make him a driving force behind the company's vision.

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